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Compare Memberships

Membership Free Pro VIP
Mailing Frequency Every 5 Days Every 3 Days Every Day
Mail To (memberships) Free Free, Pro Free, Pro, VIP
Message Personalization Yes Yes Yes
Saved Messages Allowed 5 10 25
Credits for Reading Emails 15 40 200
Credits for Reading Solo Ads 100 250 500
Signup Credits 250 25,000 50,000
Monthly Credits 0 25,000 50,000
Visual HTML Editor Yes Yes Yes
Banner/Ads Rotator Yes Yes Yes
Branded Downline Builder Yes Yes Yes
Credits for Referring New Members 500 1,000 2,500
Commissions from Credit Purchases 10% 20% 30%
Commissions from Upgrades 20% 40% 50%
Credits for Banner/Text Ads 5:1 3:1 2:1
Membership Cost Free $7.00/Month $17.00/Month

Benefits of Upgrading

Earn More Credits from member emails and solo ads.  Upgraded members only need to read a few emails each day to earn enough credits to send their ads to the entire list.

Receive Less Email.  Upgraded members only receive emails from other upgraded members which means far fewer emails in your inbox each day.

Send Your Ads More Often.  Tired of counting the days until you can send your next ad?  Upgraded members have a shorter wait between sending their ads which means their ads will be seen more often.

Priorty Mailing System.  Typical safelists send your ads to random members regardless of their membership level.  Mister Safelist uses a unique mailing system that assures a higher percentage of upgraded member ads will be delivered to other upgraded members.

Monthly Credit Refills.  Upgraded members receive a monthly allotment of credits deposited into their account that they can spend any way they like.

Huge Cash Rewards for referring upgraded members.  Earn a recurring income from every paid member you refer to Mister Safelist.  It only takes a few referrals to cover your monthly subscription fee.  After that everything you earn is profit!

Cheap Banner and Text Ads.  Spend fewer credits to get your banner and text ads seen as we display them on strategic pages within our site.

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